Steph's Survival Handbag - please discuss

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Steph's Survival Handbag - please discuss  Empty Steph's Survival Handbag - please discuss

Post by Admin on Fri Feb 10, 2017 8:02 pm

Word format, this contains the kit I propose and the rationale behind it:

Excel format:

Rescue Prevention – Kit Contents and Rational

This kits’ contents are often modified for the given cave and situation so read below with an open mind. I rarely bring it all with me. It was born from poaching lots of ideas from others, mostly the knowledge gained through my training with ICRO (Irish cave rescue) who in turn have stolen lots of ideas from the SSF (French cave rescue) and things learned from various pickles I’ve found myself in over the you get the idea. It’s an evolving circle where I’m the communicator not the inventor :-) Specific credit should be given to my friend Shane who took my ‘caving handbag’ idea further and made a set of “mini comfort sacs” for DCUCC.
Motto for exped caving– Think survival materials not survival equipment. Think simple stuff. Most simple stuff can have 4 or 5 different uses, but specific equipment usually only has one use.

CONTENTS: In vague order of importance –targeting the two biggest killers in caving – COLD & CATASTROPHIC BLEEDINGl!!

On every person

Spare light
13mm spanner Please use often - paranoia good
4 matches This will all be in a small clear plastic bag in yer oversuit pocket
1000mg paracetamol
400mg Ibuprofen
60mg codeine (NOT cocodamol!!)

Per group - Mini comfort sac

Storm Shelter
The purpose of this is to protect you from the cold and provide warmth. An easily repackable, small and v. light (~200g) shelter/tent. I try never to go caving without it!!!! A lifesaving must for everyone. It’s remarkably warm and once I have it on me I know whatever happens I’ll probably be OK. Have used it in anger, their magic!!

Duck Tape
Get real Duck Tape or 3M fabric tape, not cheap stuff. Role as much as you can off the role and into a flat. – works as splint, plaster, repairs suits/gear, lite load sling etc

Small, sterile, compact and very absorbent! Keeps wounds clean and closed. Lifesaver
String/cord Longer rather than thicker, can be platted and doubled for added strength if req

2 Candles
Not scented. Beeswax ideally – If ur really buggered you can always eat it

Puri tabs
Use em there are enough discomforts to deal with w/o getting sick from bad wate

Sam Splint
Light weight and compact, can be splint and or sit mat
Paper clips For repairing - poking and picking at things, w/ string turns kisu into tent

Micro traxion and oval krab
For self rescue/hauling

Orange Survival Bag
Sooooooo many uses, warmth, shelter, tent, with above cord - a make shift stretcher for moving casualty a short distance, clean area to treat casualty...list goes on and on

Reflective strips/marker tape
Initial forays into a large boulder choke looking for route finding etc.

A spare sling
How many times do people ask a group, shit does someone have a spare sling, forgot about that deviation, works as a donkey’s dick for bags, protects climbs etc


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Steph's Survival Handbag - please discuss  Empty Re: Steph's Survival Handbag - please discuss

Post by Benhudson on Fri Mar 17, 2017 6:29 pm

And a lighter for the candles! I spent a happy (ish) 3 or 4 hours above Pythagoras in Xitu in a storm shelter with a series of tea lights. Just remember to let some more oxygen in before you get too giddy


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