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Post by Steph on Mon Mar 27, 2017 7:14 pm

Axel Hack is our main photographer who will be making sure that the sponsors needs are met and is assisting Diff with the filming.
For those of you who have not met 'Captain Custard' Axel came on the 2013 expo and is for some reason beyond my comprehension one of the Daddy Dachsteins who leads expeditions in his local Dachstein system. We're stealing him for some 'proper' expeditioning ;-) in Ario. You may well also have seen him as one of the two speakers for the Irish led Papua New Guinea expedition. His website is

In a less onerous role is Duncan Simey is also going to be an expedition photographer. Duncan needs no introduction as a photographer who pulls off incredible photos with little or no hassle and only a small camera around his neck. Find his pics at:…/2016/Picos-de-E…/n-KV9SZP and also our Sunday Times article


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