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Taking a dump Empty Taking a dump

Post by Admin on Tue Feb 14, 2017 2:56 pm

The expedition has previously tried communal darren drums, etc and none of the techniques were ideal.
The current recommendation is that each person is responsible for their own shit.
Poo in a bag and take it out with you...

Use a large zip loc bag and pocket tissues. Poo in the bag, seal it, then seal inside a second bag.
Transport carefully in your tackle bag Smile

Hand sanitiser is usually available at camp, but it is recommended to carry a personal supply.
Anyone caught contaminating the water supply will be declared PNG. At camp there may be a recommended location to minimise this happening and provide a little privacy.

Scoffing Immodium while underground is an alternative if you are prepared to shit bricks later.
Mess with your bodies rhythms at your own peril...


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