C4 Underground Hyperdrive Fossil Series

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C4 Underground Hyperdrive Fossil Series Empty C4 Underground Hyperdrive Fossil Series

Post by Admin on Fri Feb 10, 2017 8:58 pm

Large passage has been seen above Underground Hyperdrive.
DistoX shots through holes in the passage roof indicate a significant void above.
Steph Dwyer climbed an inlet above Underground Hyperdrive and reported black space.
Duncan Simey measured an opening in the F64 Inlet chamber at 10mx8m but did not enter.

One of the laser splay shots is only 60m horizontally and 20m below the top of The Cheated Necromancer (complex region where the C4 descent gets tighter). It may be possible to find a route between C4 and Underground Hyperdrive avoiding Rio Grande.

The 2015 report notes potential for a fossil series based on the passage size of Underground Overdrive. It is possible the black space over Underground Hyperdrive will allow access to this fossil series.

This is definitely worth an explore!


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