Underground food and surface lunches / breakfasts - detailed ideas

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Underground food and surface lunches / breakfasts - detailed ideas

Post by jwhistler on Fri Jun 16, 2017 12:57 am

Please add your own ideas and comment on availability of ingredients in Spain if you have knowledge

Underground food

Whilst caving

Sweet mix
Jelly sweets
Dried fruit

Savoury mix

Small tins tuna (must be ring-pull!)

Main base:
Pasta and sauce (dehydrated in packets)
Flavoured couscous
Boil in the bag rice
Pre-packed spanish tortilla

Protein, flavouring
Snack size pouches of olives
Tomato puree (and anything else you can get in a tube that might be nice - garlic puree, pesto?)
Black pepper, chilli powder?
Veggie ideas, anyone?

Tea / coffee / sugar / milk powder
Oatso simple instant porridge or whatever the spanish equivalent is!

Surface food

Store cupboard essentials
Pepper, salt, herbs, spices, tomato puree in tubes, garlic paste in tubes
Oil for frying
Butter or margarine (spreading)
Coffee / tea


Eggs (fried, hard boiled, eggy bread)
Bimbo bread (white sliced, keeps reasonably well if kept cool)
Jam / honey / golden syrup / chocolate spread
Instant porridge

Lunch / snacks
Tomato and lentil soup (onions, red lentils, tomato frito)
Filled dehydrated tortellini with tomato frito etc
Ordinary pasta with tomato frito, cheese, chorizo, snack packs of olives etc
Ditto Couscous - some plain, some flavoured?
Flapjack (butter/marg, porridge oats, sugar)
Potato - with tomato frito, cheese, chorizo etc
Potato salad (boiled potato, mayonnaise, maybe wild chives if anyone finds them growing abundantly)
Maybe some fruit - oranges, apples?
Veg to put with other food e.g. carrots, peppers
Various nuts / seeds to add to pasta, couscous etc - cashews, hazelnuts if not too expensive?


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Re: Underground food and surface lunches / breakfasts - detailed ideas

Post by clairedunphy on Mon Jun 19, 2017 10:08 pm

Thanks for putting together list! Looks OK to me - although if we did want to cut down on complexity of overground lunch/snack items, I think we could... If there is plenty of breakfast porridge, eggs, etc. I would personally be OK with a simple lunch, given that there will is always the option of a big Refugio dinner that eve:

e.g. selection of soup, noodles, bread, condensed milk, flapjacks, biscuits.



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